About Us

Toy Repairs

Toys and More repairs both battery operated and tin windup toys. We make parts for toys. We can add springs and fix gears. We have over 15 years in fixing of antique toys. Most repairs will be done in less than a month.

Toys and More inc. fixes toy trains both electric and wind ups. We fix other electric toys, fans, radios. lamps etc We make most repairs to vintage dolls and also fix talkers.

Cap Gun Repairs

Toys and More Repairs all types of cap guns. Most repairs cost $35 plus parts other than springs which is part of the repair. Welding is an extra charge. Normal repairs are done in less than 3 weeks. When we repair the Nichols guns that take bullets we offer our repair customer six bullets for $10.This is only if we repair the Nichols gun otherwise the cost for six bullets is $25. Shooting the Nichols guns with out the bullets can crack the frame.
Common repairs are: replacing springs, getting cylinder to revolve, replacing parts to make the gun operate correctly, making special parts that are missing etc. We restore cap guns by re-plating and making parts that are missing. Nickle and Chrome plating are $65 and gold plating is $150. Specially made parts are charged by the job.This includes taking the gun a part to plate and than re-assemble the gun after the plating. Heavily corroded guns could be damaged in the plating process.We repair BB guns and air rifles, pop guns and Dart guns, toy shooting galleries etc.